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Wiota is a tiny town in Iowa built on a hillside fronting the railroad tracks and overlooking Turkey Creek. The Rock Island Railroad was built here in 1868, and no doubt the town was settled at that time. The railroad passes by at the bottom of the hill, and Front Street is just north of it, followed by a couple more streets and then the highway. The highway leads west about five miles to Atlantic, and six miles east to Anita.

Originally the highway was built as U.S. Highway 6, but now is designated Iowa Highway 83. U.S. Highway 6 has since been rerouted to follow Interstate 80, several miles to the north, and then drop down to Atlantic. In addition to the highway, rural roads lead out from Wiota in all directions.

The population of Wiota was 149, at the 2000 census. The elevation is 1,200 at the railroad, and 1,300 feet at the top of the hill. Wiota is in a moist climate zone, with about 35 inches of rain annually, and is surrounded with farmland and covered in green plant growth.

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