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Adair County lies a short drive west of Des Moines on Interstate 80. It is a rural area covered with beautiful farmland and hills and abundant green vegetation. It covers an area of 570 square miles, and has 7,682 residents. It was formed in 1851 and named after John Adair, who was a general of the War of 1812 and a governor of Kentucky. The county seat is at Greenfield. The population of Adair County has been gradually declining for the past few decades.

In the 1800s the railroad came to Iowa and passed through the northwest corner of Adair County. U.S. Highway 6 was later built paralleling the railroad and served as a major travel route. Today it has been replaced by Interstate 80, which runs along the very north edge of Adair County.

Adair County was the site of the first train robbery of the wild west days, committed by Jesse James and his gang on July 21, 1873. You can visit the site which is marked with a historic marker.

State Highways 25 and 92 cross through Adair County, running east-west and north-south, respectively, through the center of the county. They cross at Greenfield. The Middle Nodaway River passes through the center of Adair County, passing close to Greenville. Many other creeks flow through the county.

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